Who is the Angels’ Non-Trout MVP?

Updated: September 21, 2016

As much as it scares Angel‘s fans, imagine, for a moment, your team without Mike Trout. Now stop crying. Who would be the MVP on an Angels team without the Millville Meteor? It’s truly been an abysmal season, the worst in recent memory, so picking an MVP outside of Trout is no easy task.

Trout far and away leads the team in BBRef WAR with 9.8, more than doubling the next closest player, Andrelton Simmons, who sits at 4.1. Kole Calhoun comes in at third with a 2.7, and no other player tops even two, with C.J. Cron and Yunel Escobar sitting at 1.9 and 1.5, respectively.

While WAR is not a perfect barometer of a players’ contributions, it does a decent job of wrapping up how a player is performing in all facets of the game; offense, defense, and baserunning. While I mostly agree with the assessments of these players’ seasons by WAR, I think one player’s contributions are sorely underrated – Albert Pujols, who comes in at 1.4.

While it’s true that Albert offers nothing defensively or on the base paths, it’s unfair to diminish his ability to hit for power and in the clutch, which he has been able to do this year, hitting .319 with runners in scoring position.

Albert will never be able to fully live up to his massive contract, gets on base at a dismal rate, can’t run to save his life, and doesn’t play the field effectively anymore, but he’s consistently produced strong power numbers in a lineup otherwise devoid of them, outside of Trout. Imagine an offense without Trout OR Pujols?

Now that would really make you cry. Albert might be the fourth or fifth best player on a contending team, but his contributions on this team are enough to make him the Angels’ second most valuable player.

Angels MVP Rankings-

1.) Trout.

2.) Pujols.

3.) Calhoun.

4.) Simmons.

5.) Matt Shoemaker.


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