Why The Angels Need To Get Back On Track

Updated: March 22, 2017

In the previous decade the Angels were undeniably one of the most successful teams in the game. The ball club earned multiple division titles and in a year where they happened to merely get a wild card berth, they won their first and only championship. Good times. Good times.

Suffice to say, the decade thereafter has differed quite a bit. Quite does not even cut it and sum it up all too well. The team has not even managed to get a single playoff win in this span despite having a lot of quality pieces as was the case in the 2000s.

There are various reasons as to why the Halos have not had the same level of success in the last set of years, but listing them out would surely take a lot of patience and time. High priced deals and the drainage of a once good farm system are some of the higher reasons on the list. Strangely enough, however, they are far from the full story. Far from it.

Amidst the rather rocky road in the 2010s have come some tremendously uncommon highlights, though. Jered Weaver’s magical no hitter. Albert Pujols clobbering the 500th home run of his Hall of Fame career. Huston Street’s 300th save. Certainly, such milestone-type highlights are not too meaningful when there is not a whole lot of magic happening in the autumn.

It is not to say such accomplishments are meaningless, but they all eventually gather dust when all is said and done. The same is so even with a MVP trophy, an award Mike Trout now owns a pair of. This is not enough for Trout as cool as it is. He admitted earlier in the year that he wants more. He understands that his team has suffered some bad luck recently, but cannot stand losing.

The team is clearly deeper than was the case last year, but it is difficult to truly gauge how things will be until the real action commences a couple weeks from now. It is too difficult. There are many reasons to feel optimistic, but there are every bit as many to feel concerned or just flat out discombobulated. No matter what, though, winning has to become more frequent. It needs to be connected with that atmosphere again.

Perhaps the main reason as to why this is so is on the grounds that it could start to take a toll on a guy like Trout. This is exactly what the Halos do not need because then the impossible comes to mind when Mike is thought about. It brings to mind the scary, bloodcurdling thought of him being on any one of the other clubs in baseball. And no one likes to even dare to go down that chute.

The team has the centerfielder locked up for another few seasons (thankfully). And, in that duration of time, the young man will be raking in a pretty decent increment of dough. Dough only means so much after a point. A superstar like him wants to win. Badly. He has done all he possibly can to ensure that his team has a chance to win. That being said, it is essentially up to everyone else to back up their leader. As great as he is, he cannot literally do everything.

Stronger balance is demanded because without its presence, someone as calm and even-tempered as Trout may start to get impatient. He deserves more, so here’s to hoping that the rest behind him can provide. Because, let’s be honest as was exemplified before… no one wants to travel down that aforementioned chute.

It may sound somewhat narrow-minded to be putting so much attention on one player, yet it is fair in this case. It is all too fair and anyone who argues against probably has never watched number 27 play. Trout has done everything he can to assist his team’s probability of winning. No more can be expected out of a human being (unless he is not human… which there is an okay amount of evidence of given all he can do on the field).

It is just about high time for the Angels to answer the call insofar as getting back on track in light of the fact that it is spooky to think of Anaheim without Mike. It is not to say he will ever leave. It is too early to predict anyway. All that is known is that some October baseball (and preferably some success in said month) will only raise the odds of him being a longtime, if not a lifetime Halo. No one wants to see the shiniest light in team history possibly vanish into thin air.

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