Will Mike Scioscia Be In Anaheim Through 2018?

Updated: March 23, 2017

Without a single doubt, Mike Scioscia is the most successful manager in the history of the Halos’ franchise. In 2002, the Angels made it to the Fall Classic and were victorious in the grand scheme of it all. In that same decade, the ball club managed to string together a myriad of other winning campaigns. In 2004-2009, they earned a handful of division titles and made it to the ALCS on two of those occasions.

The time since then has posed a far different story. Only one postseason appearance has transpired since then. Needless to say, the one time it occurred the Halos could not even squeak out a lone victory to make things somewhat interesting for viewers. This lack of tangible success in recent memory causes some to seriously wonder whether Scioscia will have a realistic shot at finishing out the last couple years on his mega 10-year pact.

Granted some have desired for management to bid farewell to the longest tenured skipper in the sport, precisely the opposite keeps happening. There is still an inkling of confidence in the former catcher.

It is fair to assert that if the team is not a complete disaster as was the case last year he will be allowed to polish his way through 2017 and 2018 as well. Last year was unfortunately a bit of an anomaly provided that the team had an abundance of injuries. Those injuries were demoralizing and it seemed like someone else was getting put on the DL every week or two. Nevertheless, many still expected greater output and never thought the team could stoop so low. Watching them at times became every bit as difficult as eating a bowl of Campbell’s soup would be without a spoon.

If Scioscia hypothetically makes it to the tail end of his contract, it leads many to wonder what the squad would even do with him then. For some souls the loyalty aspect is understandable rule of thumb to abide by. Scioscia has clearly been more impactful than any other head honcho the team has had since they came into the league in the early sixties. It seems reasonable to think that any possible return will be entirely contingent upon the next two seasons.

Fans are wholeheartedly grateful for that magical 2002 campaign and the multiple AL West crowns. Be that as it may, the gratefulness only lasts so long when the success has no longer been the trend it once was. The appreciation can only last so long when hardly anything important has come about in the 2010s. The coattails of the 2002-2009 stretch can only be grasped onto for a certain frame of time before it gets to be quite old and flat out tiresome.

Frankly, it does appear to be fair to presume that Scioscia will end up shimmying his way through this year and next year unless the team somehow performs even worse than they did in 2016. After that, the sky is the limit for Mike. He could be given an extension with the Halos, manage another major league club, who knows? However, a lot of what occurs will hinge on how his team performs on the field.

The truth of the matter is that the results have been what they have been for years now. Eventually, that factor needs to not be taken with a grain of salt. As good of a manager has Mike has been, change may need to be seriously mulled over unless the team’s fortunes dramatically reverse in 2017 and 2018. The past is comforting to dream about now and again. The rally monkey-infused comebacks and thunder sticks galore truly are awesome to give thought to. But something has to give at some point whilst it is commendable that Arte Moreno’s zest for loyalty is not in question. The next two years for the Angels will therefore be pivotal.

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