World Series: One Curse Will End, But Which One?

Updated: October 23, 2016

So the World Series is set, and this includes a notable former Angel who just keeps on winning. But enough about that; let’s focus on what we now know:

The Cleveland Indians beat the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League Championship Series in 5 games and has their fourth AL pennant since they last won it all in 1948 [1954, 1995, 1997, 2016].

This is also the same city that were still reeling from the effects of their basketball team that finally put the curse to end, when the Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Title and become the first team to win a major title since the Browns won the NFL Championship in 1964. Since the Cavs’ win, the Indians became red-hot by winning 10 straight games and did not look back; only 1 loss that they have this month, and is looking to put this curse to end once and for all.

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Here’s how the curse may have started: the then-owner of the Indians, Bill Veeck, buried the 1948 World Series flag in center field at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium because the Indians were contending for another pennant but fell to third place — that happened on September 23, 1949 when the Indians were mathematically eliminated.

In 1954, the Indians won 111 games and faced against the New York Giants, and the Giants had no time to mess around, via an unexpected sweep. In a shortened season in 1995, following the strike that finally ended, the Indians won 100 games in 144 games, but fell short when they lost to the team of the 90s: the Atlanta Braves.

They did win the pennant in 1997, but an expanded team that was established in 1991 and first played in 1993 won it all and became the fastest team to win it all. Of course, I was talking about the Florida [now Miami] Marlins, but they have since been eclipsed by the Arizona Diamondbacks by one year, which took them just three years to reach and win the World Series. They are now looking forward to finally hoist the crown and to raise the flag for the first time since 1948; this is their sixth World Series appearance.

Now they know who is in the way: the Chicago Cubs, and we know the history of it; even the fans are tired of it, but they are now celebrating and crying because the Cubs won their 17th pennant and the first since 1945, a 71 year wait. Coincidentally, Saturday night marks 46 years since Billy Sianis, the owner of a tavern goat and was kicked out of Wrigley Field, died.

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The curse [of at least not reaching to the World Series] finally died down w/ him, as they beat the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series in 6 games. Their 2016 campaign includes a 103-58-1, their first 100-win season since 1935 when they won 100 in the then-154 game season; this is also their best regular season [.640] since 1910 when they record 104-50 [.675] and their sixth in franchise history. Now, I could mention the goat’s name of Murphy, but that would add insult, since Daniel Murphy helped the Mets to reach to the World Series last season for the first time since 2000 via a sweep.

You know that they won it all in 1908, but do you know which team they faced in 1908? How about clinching the pennant in 1908? They got lucky, thanks to Merkle’s Boner, a notorious base running mistake committed by rookie Fred Merkle of the New York Giants in a game against the Chicago Cubs in 1908. Merkle’s failure to advance to second base on what should have been a game-winning hit led instead to a forceout at second and a tied game.

The Cubs later won the makeup game, which proved decisive as they beat the Giants by one game to win the National League pennant in 1908. This was dubbed as “the most controversial game in the history of baseball”. Meanwhile, the Cubs were to move on to play against… the Detroit Tigers and win the World Series in five games of the best-of-seven series; the aftermath proved fatal for the Cubs, as that would remain to be their last title… unless they beat the Indians.

Oh, and the 1908 campaign was also their title defense because they won their first World Series title in 1907 against… you guessed it: the Detroit Tigers. Also, this was their 3rd consecutive World Series appearance in 1908 because two years prior, they faced against their southside rival in a first all-city World Series: the Chicago White Sox; the White Sox won their first of three World Series titles.

So, who do you got? It’s a must-see TV, baseball fans… even you, Angel fans! Admit it: this is something you definitely want to watch!

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