Yusmeiro Petit Set to Earn a Role.

Updated: March 18, 2017

It’s a point that’s been hammered home all off-season long: The Angels needed pitching, and lots of it. After the lack of depth was exposed last season, GM Billy Eppler went to work adding as much cheap, versatile pitching depth as possible, adding a handful of pitchers capable of working out of the bullpen or the rotation. Jesse Chavez, Bud Norris, and Yusmeiro Petit all have experience and success in both roles, and so each could reasonably be expected to make the major league roster whether it was in the rotation or not. Norris and Chavez have both got long looks this Spring, with Chavez all but locking up that fifth spot, but Petit was away pitching in the World Baseball Classic, where he didn’t pitch all that well.

Petit was pitching very well up until he left for the WBC, having not allowed a single run in five innings, and today he returned to tow the mound again. It seems almost certain that both Petit and Norris will make the major league roster as bullpen pieces, allowing the Angels to send down some of their younger players with options still remaining to maximize their depth. Petit still has time to make a run at that final rotation spot, although that’s still the longest of long shots at this point. Petit could solidify his bullpen role with a strong showing here in the home stretch of Spring Training, however, and the better he pitches the higher up the depth chart he rises in case of injury.

Pitching is the Angels’ dead horse for sure, and we’ve been beating the subject all offseason. The Angels and their fans should be happy with the apparent depth the Angels have accumulated, though. We’ll have to see how it all plays out this season, but the Angels have some key pieces in key places and are on the way to actually having a decent team around the best player in the world, Mike Trout. It all starts again today for Petit and the Angels.

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