2016 Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Report Card: F

The Angels have been one of the worst teams in the MLB this year. This article was written by a Bleacher Report Lead Writer, NOT Halo Headquarters! Do you agree with Featured Columnist at BR?

The Angels are yet another example of how having one of baseball’s highest payrolls guarantees absolutely nothing. Rather than contend for a title, Los Angeles finds itself contending with Minnesota, Oakland and Tampa Bay for the worst record in the American League.

That’s probably a good thing for the long term, considering how awful the team’s farm system is, but it does nothing to make the 2016 season any less painful for fans of the Halos.

Sure, Mike Trout remains a generational talent, and both Kole Calhoun and Yunel Escobar are quality role players. But Albert Pujols has become an all-or-nothing slugger, and the rest of the lineup hasn’t done enough to warrant a mention.

The rotation has been an injury-filled mess and the bullpen a disappointing bunch, though youngsters Cam Bedrosian and Deolis Guerra at least offer some hope for the future.

2016 Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Report Card: F
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