5 reasons why the Angels need to keep the 70’s uniforms

The Angels started the 2nd half of the season with a 70’s weekend and boy has it been a hit. In the photo above the Halos are wearing the 70’s uniforms with the classic pull over jersey. They would wear these uniforms all the way up to the 90’s with some minor adjustment, but the fans love them. Is it time to bring them back for good? Here are five reasons why they MUST.

5. California Angels 

If fans could change one thing about the Angels, it would probably be the name. Yes they were founded in  Los Angeles, but the name “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” sometimes does not fit in the city of Anaheim. These uniforms were the face of the California Angels. The uniforms are a classic look of the past that everybody loved. Maybe they should bring the name back too?

4. They Are Winning

The Halos had one of the worst 1st half of baseball in franchise history, and it does not hurt to have a little change to the organization. It may be the uniforms or the simple fact that the Halos are going to be making a turn around the corner for good, but cmon we have to look good winning too. The Angels just swept the White Sox, it has to be the uniforms.

3. The Design 

This is a classic baseball look. Forget the whole new genre of baseball uniform, cough cough Arizona Diamond Backs. No need to add some random teal or neon green, stay classic forever. The Angels got the halo red, navy blue and white all in one jersey. Plus the yellow halo around the “A” is the icing on the cake. Or could it be the waist band where the belt should be? Either way, A+ design.

2. The Fans Are Happy

A good organization wants to make the fans happy, and they are doing so with the 70’s weekend. Great call by the front office. This weekend has given fans a chance of think maybe the Angels can turn it around. It’s more of remember the good old days, and these jerseys did that. Fans are happy again as they are winning in style. I think it’s time for a change.

1. The Fans WANT THEM!

5 reasons why the Angels need to keep the 70’s uniforms
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