ABC7 Sports Anchor Curt Sandoval burns the Angels on Live T.V.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim started the 2nd half on a good note with sweeping the White Sox. Oh and coming back four runs down to beat the Rangers tonight. Anyway some news came across the Halo HQ office today that was pretty interesting.

ABC7 news does their daily sports show where anchor Curt Sandoval gives updates on the teams in Los Angeles. Sandoval gave some news about the Dodgers and as he transitioned into the Angels, he decided to throw some beef toward the team.

Via Halo Headquarters Official Twitter: 

Sandoval was talking about the Dodgers field trip to the FBI investigations offices, and when he talked about the Angels series against the Rangers, he threw in this sentence.

“As for the Angels the investigation on why they are so bad” It was a good joke, but dang, no love for Anaheim. However that would change…

Of course through the power of social media, Halo HQ found a way to contact the anchor as he supported the #LTBU.

It was all fun and games, as the Angels would go on to win tonight’s game as Curt Sandoval celebrated with the HQ family. Keep up the good work Sandoval. Maybe throw some beef towards the Dodgers here and there.

ABC7 Sports Anchor Curt Sandoval burns the Angels on Live T.V.
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