Should the Angels aim for the First Pick In MLB Draft?

The Angels are playing some very uninspired baseball currently. Although their starting pitching is on the rise, the main players are showing an extreme lack of hustle both in the outfield and on the base paths.

Currently, the Angels only have two pitchers in their bullpen with ERA’s under 3.30 out of  13 pitchers in the bullpen according to ESPN.

That is not what we need to build a possible wild card run. It seems that postseason is the very last thought on every Angel player’s minds except for Cj Cron, Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Kole Calhoun.

The team has currently only two wins in their past ten games. Sending a very loud and clear message to their fan base that the team may have given up on any hope of even a wild card spot. Even though it is only the all-star break, due to the amount of injuries the team has sustained, and the inability to string together a win streak of at least two games.

It seems that even though there is a tiny chance, we would all be better off just looking ahead, and looking forward to when our stars come back from the DL and the IR, and whoever we get at the trade deadline, so that we may be able to put up 92 wins at minimum next season.

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Should the Angels aim for the First Pick In MLB Draft?
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