Angels Back Out Of Trade With Phillies, The Right Choice

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Philadelphia Phillies agreed to a deal that would have sent Ben Revere (Outfielder) to the Angels in exchange for the rising right-handed pitcher Trevor Gott, but the Angels pulled out of the deal last minute. Did the Angels make the right move and not finish off the trade?, Yes they did.

Trevor Gott has shown signs that he could be the next pitching star for the Angels.  Read all about how Gott could possibly be the next Scot Shields.

Click Here For Article. (Trevor Gott Next Scot Shields)

Revere, 27 has had a decent year for the Phillies. More Important Revere has done better those most Angels in the outfield position. Revere is batting .291 with one home-run, along with 21 RBI’S and 19 stolen bases. By the looks if it, he was a quick outfielder with some pop that the Angels needed, but could they give up a possibly rising star?

The Angels tried to redirect the Phillies toward a starting pitcher for the Angels, but that name is unclear. Could have been C.J. Wilson or possible Hector Santiago. Maybe Jered Weaver? The Phillies did not like the Angels new option and declined. With that, the Angels and Phillies stop trade talk.

What do you think Halo Fans? Agree with the Angels Move?

Angels Back Out Of Trade With Phillies, The Right Choice
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