Angels Cam Bedrosian threatening the Closing Job

So far the Angels have had sub par relief pitching. Closer Huston Street is threading that line.

So far Street, holds a 5.09 Earned Runs Average which is two runs higher than his career ERA 2.91. So far this year he is tied for 14th place with eleven blown saves. It appears that Street isn’t making any adjustments to his mechanics, not even slight ones.

The big question is why? Yes, closer go through rough patches, but the Angels can’t afford rough patches. The closer should be viable option out of the bullpen. The most significant blown save was against the Houston Astros, where he had walked the first batter and loaded the bases soon after. We’ve seen a very inconsistent Huston Street, plus we haven’t seen any real change in his approach. Does that mean he’s okay with being mediocre? Most likely not, he’s probably waiting to get the feel for it again. Yet, to have a pitcher so stubborn and not even try something new is very concerning.

From the darkness and into the light, steps out a reliever that no one really expected, Cam Bedrosian. Bedrosian has been stellar in the half way mark of the season. More like a shock to the system, as he owns a 1.09 ERA in 37 appearances 

That ERA is the best of any Angel reliever so far.

Bedrosian has shown that he can go through these tough situations and still strive through it whereas Street hasn’t shown any change or any consistency throughout his 2016 campaign.

The Bedrosian has had his share of rough patches as of last year he kept getting sent back and forth from the Angels roster to Triple A It seems he’s found his style of pitching and is proving to be pretty great option of Legion open which has been lackluster all year. A good way to put it is, Cam Bedrosian is the unsung hero being open and has been for the entire year.

With concerns of the closing job Bedrosian has a pretty good shot at it. If the Angels choose to shop Joe Smith before the deadline then he could be seeing that closing job sooner rather than later. Granted this is not for sure but he has put up a tough coming out of the bullpen. If Street cannot find his groove or any type of consistency them we will see different options in the closing role

Angels Cam Bedrosian threatening the Closing Job
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