Angels Catchers are Catching Fire while in seek of redemption

When you think of the Angels catchers, they basically get Mike Sciosciad. Great defensively, but can’t hit worth a dime and a half. All of a sudden the Angels have a few catchers that can swing.

No, no, I’m not talking about Carlos Perez, he’s still trying to find his swing in the darkest depths of Triple-A Salt Lake. He might have that swing, because the Angels have recalled him from AAA a couple of days ago. Let us take a moment of analyzation here. The Angels haven’t had a great catcher since well……… Ben Molina and that was in 2002. When they won a World Series. Don’t get ahead of yourself we are nowhere that caliber. So far we’ve seen a surge of talent and experience mash into a collective platoon behind the dish.

The Veteran, The journeyman catcher, Geovany Soto brought his experience and baseball knowledge. Until he got injured. He was pretty good coming into a lackluster offense. In his first season with the Angels, he’s played in 22 games, hitting .284 with three home runs and eight RBIs. Then he tore his meniscus. Opting to go with surgery was scheduled to make a return this week, but got some soreness in the other knee.

An MRI confirmed nothing was wrong. With such a good approach to the beginning, is it a good idea for the Angels to look for potential trades. The answer is no. Keeping him is a good idea, because the Angels need a veteran presence behind the plate. A mentor to guide Bandy and other catchers to be successful.

While Soto sits patiently on the DL an 11 year minor leaguer named, Juan Graterol will finally live a dream. Graterol was hitting .292 with a .331 on-base percentage at Salt Lake City. With the ability to make consistent contact with a bat Graterol, will be the backup to Bandy. With the magic that’s been flying around in the Angels dugout who knows what could happen when the rookie makes his MLB debut. However his MLB dream was short lived as he was optioned to AAA over Perez four days ago.

Speaking of Jett Bandy, man that kid has caught some fire and the flames are getting bigger.

In the 27 games he’s appeared in his slash line is .272/.326/.432, with 3 homers and 14 RBI’s. That’s as hot as anyone can get and he keeps trucking on. With great defensive prowess for being a rookie and a pretty nice swing. Jett Bandy, is sporting the number 47 pretty well. Yes, he has much to learn, but when you’re one of the hottest hitters on your team people aren’t paying much attention to your flaws.

The catching situation is in good hands. Now the rest of the team needs to climb on Mike Trout’s and Bandy’s shoulders and prepare for the long haul.

Angels Catchers are Catching Fire while in seek of redemption
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