Angels pitcher Matt Shoemaker leaves hospital now with family

On Sunday, Angel fans have hoped to hear and got their prayers answered: Matthew David Shoemaker is now resting comfortably and recovering at home with his family, including his wife, on Sunday.

He went to a local hospital on Saturday, where he stayed overnight for precautionary measures, and had an followed up MRI to see if his brain was swelling. At first, the MRI was not conclusive for swelling and had to go to a neurosurgeon from the ballclub’s request.

Fortunately, the diagnosis was that his head is not swelling, via the CT scan, and was able to go hom on Sunday; prior to the weekend stay at the hospital, Shoemaker did planned to come to Angel home games, including a 10-game homestand which started this past Friday the 9th.

Angels manager Michael Lorri Scioscia had an interview prior to Sunday’s game against the Rangers, in which they eventually won 3-2, told the media that even though he was concern with his health, he has hopes for Shoemaker to make a full recovery.

“The doctors have talked to us, and a little scare, but I think he’s OK. Actually, I think it was just doctors want to be very protective of any events that could possibly happen, and once everything was checked out, it was fine.”

You may recalled that Shoemaker was pitching against the Mariners at Safeco Field on September 4, where he faced against Kyle Seager. Seager hit a line drive that exited at 105 miles per hour, where the ball hit Shoemaker right in the head and was diagnosed with a small skull fracture and small hematoma.

Angels pitcher Matt Shoemaker leaves hospital now with family
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