Angels’ Mike Trout Not MVP Again!?

There is without a shadow of a doubt that Michael Nelson Trout is one of the most consistent baseball players in recent years, and has been more valuable for the Anaheim Angels since his first full season in 2012. So why is he an outsider when it comes to winning the American League’s Most Valuable Player? […]

What Happened to Cam Bedrosian?

At the beginning of the season, things were good. Remember that? It seems so long ago. The Angels were 6-2, their best start in franchise history. It seemed like maybe the slow starts that have plagued the Halos in recent years were finally a thing of the past. Maybe, just maybe, this team really was […]

2016 Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Report Card: F

The Angels have been one of the worst teams in the MLB this year. This article was written by a Bleacher Report Lead Writer, NOT Halo Headquarters! Do you agree with Rick Weiner, Featured Columnist at BR? The Angels are yet another example of how having one of baseball’s highest payrolls guarantees absolutely nothing. Rather than contend for […]

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