Could Nolan Fontana Attain A Bench Role?

For the most part, it is safe to say that the Angels roster headed into Opening Day is more complete than many may think. However, there are always some dark horse candidates this late into Spring Training and one Halo that has been separating himself from the pack is Nolan Fontana.

He has played nothing aside from minor league ball over the span of the last five years. In spite of that, he has made some kind of impression in Spring Training to suggest that he may need to be examined more thoroughly.

Up to this point it is difficult to see where he fits into the puzzle. Guys like Cliff Pennington and Jefry Marté project to be ahead of him insofar as backup infielders are concerned. Pennington has the experience, whereas the latter has had a spring even more eye-popping than Nolan’s. Thus, the probability of Fontana having a reserve role from the get-go is likely very slim.

Notwithstanding that being the case, the 25-year-old has proven himself rather well in his time with the team. Any role in general may not be immediate, yet Fontana’s big break may not be too far off in the distance. David Rice suggests that the young man “may get a chance to catch on with another team, or have a chance to be called up if there is any injuries to Angels current players.”

It makes perfect sense due to the lift he has given the ball club. He is currently batting .270 with a homer and 8 RBIs. In addition to the offensive output, he has also been a part of the stolen bases parade the Halos have been throwing all spring long with a total of two. He has also played some above average defense by making highlight reels every once in a while.

Fontana’s chances of being in the big leagues come April are every bit as small as a silver dollar sized pancake. It is plausible to believe that there is just too much competition for him to surpass at this stage. Be that as it may, his play in spring indeed shows that he is more than ready to give Scioscia all he’s got if his name is ever called upon.

Could Nolan Fontana Attain A Bench Role?
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