Could Yasiel Puig Be Wearing An Angels Uniform Soon?

Now, I may not be 100% percent on board with this, but let’s try to see what the small benefits could be if Puig joined the Angels. The move could be really good, or really really bad..

The two teams aren’t opposed to trading with each other — Howie Kendrick was something of a favorite in Anaheim, remember — but this has the potential to make the Dodgers look like absolute buffoons. It would be better if they had to wear it while Puig were doing well 3,000 miles away.

That written, the Angels are perfect. They don’t have a farm system they can count on. They have Mike Trout, which means the window is, and always will be, slightly ajar. And because the Daniel Nava/Craig Gentry platoon didn’t work, they’re starting Nick Buss. Considering he’s 29 and has been good for a .350ish on-base percentage in Albuquerque and Salt Lake City — Coors-type parks without the humidor — without any power, I’m going to guess this is just a temporary arrangement.

Puig would slot right in, and he wouldn’t have the pressure of a pennant race on his brain. He could just Puig the hell out of the place, and he would know that his old team and his old fans would be watching. That’s the only reason why the Angels aren’t the likeliest suitor. The potential embarrassment factor is substantial.

Now what are the chances of this actually happening, about 5%. Halo Headquarters has been running a poll on twitter and the results are above. Seems the fans are also on board the Puig train to Anaheim…Sike.

Could Yasiel Puig Be Wearing An Angels Uniform Soon?
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