Goodbye And Thank You Kirk Nieuwenhuis

The Los Angeles Angels were hoping to bring in Kirk Nieuwenhuis to solve the hitting problem by their left fielders. However Nieuwenhuis was unable to solve that problem and the Angels were very quick to get rid of him. Nieuwenhuis was sent down to Triple A about two weeks ago, after we was hitting under .200 batting average with the Angels. Today the Angels broke the silence on Nieuwenhuis.

Lets take a look at the stats of Nieuwenhuis. He played in 10 games with the Angels and had 24 plate appearances.


Hits-Appearances:  3-22 ( 2 doubles, 1 Single )

Batting Average:  .136

Strikeouts: 9

As you can see Nieuwenhuis was not even close to solving the Angels problem in left field. What will the Angels do next? Leave your comments Below!

Thank you Kirk!

Goodbye And Thank You Kirk Nieuwenhuis
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