The Greatest Angels All Star Of All Time Not Named Mike Trout

It is true that we are seeing a once in a lifetime player in Mike Trout who is now on his way to his 5th straight All Star Game in San Diego. Let’s take a look back and see who else in the history of the Angels Organization can even come close or maybe surpass Mike Trout as an All Star.

His name is Rod Carew, who in his 20 year career, had a career BA of .328 which is practically unheard of and makes him one of the greatest Angels to ever play for our team. Since even though 12 of those years were played in Minnesota, in just his 8 years with the Angels he put up a .314 BA, .39 OBP (Which is about .11 away from on base half the time), and a slugging percentage of .392. Also he has 6 straight All Star Game appearances for the Angels, which means that he was playing at a very high level to be picked 6 straight times.

To put it into perspective, Mike Trout, arguably one of the most consistent players in recent memory, has been to 5 straight. Catfish Hunter, A Hall of Fame A’s closer once said this about Carew, “He has no weakness as a hitter. Anything you throw he can handle”. When the Angels played in the ALCS, he put up a .294 batting average.

All those are not even counting when he played for the Twins, Rod Carew is definitely the Greatest Angels All-Star of all time not named Mike Trout because of his career batting average, and his ability to come through when his team needed him the most.

On top of everything else he was even an All Star off the field as well-doing work for the American Cancer Society, by holding charity golf tournaments in order to raise money for a great cause.

The Greatest Angels All Star Of All Time Not Named Mike Trout
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