Mike Trout MVP?: What Trout Needs to Do to Become MVP

It is that time of year again, when Angel fans ask the question: will Mike Trout win the MVP this year? It is almost like a yearly tradition, since 2012,  that Trout has been in competition for Most Valuble Player at the mid point of the season, but, disappointingly, only 2014 has ended with him taking home the trophy.

There has not really been a year, though, that the AL race has been this close since rout has been in the league, making this one that may go to the wire. What might be most important to Angel fans is that only a Trout MVP could make the season worth anything and in a season that has been such a low, the fans really need it. But can he do it, that’s the real question, and with the competition he comes against it might be extremely hard.

It really come down to three competitors: David Ortiz, Josh Donaldson, and Jose Altuve. Altuve is once again a hitting machine with a .341 batting average and impressive 3rd place in offensive WAR puts him up there with the league’s best. Ortiz, on the other hand, is the leader in OBP and OPS, on base plus slugging, and with this being his final season, he is the sentimental choice for MVP. Finally, Donaldson, last years MVP, is only second in WAR to Trout, by one point to boot, and his high home run total will always keep him in contention for MVP.

But, of course, each player does have his fault: Altuve is low in home runs and OPS, Ortiz is far behind in WAR and home runs, and Donadson is just not that impressive in the traditional statistical categories that really make an impact with the writers.

Mike Trout also has his strengths and weaknesses. He is, of course the leader in WAR, but he is only .1 ahead of Donaldson. He might have a very impressive .322, but has been rather disappointing with only 19 home runs. Even with the cons, almost all will agree that Mike Trout has been the best player in the league at the All-Star break, but even with this the Angels disappointing record may be the reason Trout doesn’t win the MVP.

One thing must be clear: Mike Trout has nearly no chance to win the MVP if the Angels finish with the worst record, but summing that th Angles do not go on some amazing run in the second half of the season they will finish near the bottom. With this in mind, all Trout needs to do is continue his highly impressive  WAR totals, really needing to extend his lead on Donaldson , keep his BA high, opefully not dropping below .315, and get his home run totals up.

With this type of performance in the second half of the season, baring any aargh run by the other three competitions, this will guarantee a Mike Trout MVP.

Mike Trout MVP?: What Trout Needs to Do to Become MVP
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