Reimagining Halo walk-up selections

One of the best parts about playing at home is being able to step up to the plate with your own entrance music. Much like a professional wrestler, a player can become one with his own theme. Take Mariano Rivera for example, every time he entered the game at Yankee Stadium, you could hear two things. One of those things was raucous cheers, and the other was ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica. This routine was usually good enough to spell doom for the opposing hitters as Rivera is widely considered the greatest closer of all time. Now, I don’t necessarily believe that Enter Sandman scared the hell out of batters, but I don’t doubt that guys knew what was coming next after that classic riff played.

With this in mind, combined with the fact that the Angels seemingly cannot get out of their own way since late July, I’ve decided to re-imagine the song selections for each Halo based off of their season performance so far. With each player I’ll also post a link to the song so that, if nothing else, you get the chance to hear some good music. Also, if you have your own song suggestions for players feel free to leave them in the comments.

Batting order last used 8/8 versus Baltimore Orioles:

1. David DeJesus (LF)

Song Choice: “Something Good” by Alt-J

Reason: With the opening lyrics to this song, ‘Oh something good tonight made me forget about you for now,’ really takes top billing for reasoning here. That something good being DeJesus actually being able to get on base which, for now, would make me forget about the fact that the Angels don’t really have a leadoff hitter.

Reimagining Halo walk-up selections
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