The Mike Scioscia Era is coming to an end

As the door has closed on the hopes of the Angels making a turnaround this season, we must look to the future. The great season we had two years ago feels long ago when looking at today’s team, as we have gotten worse each season since. If we don’t show any signs of improvement soon, I don’t see any reason for Trout wanting to stay when he becomes a free agent in 2020.

Sciascia’s contract is up after the 2018 season and I think that should be his last season as the Angels manager. He is currently the longest tenured manager in the MLB and while we are grateful for the 02 World Series win we have not seen production like we should be.

Since the Halos received the commissioners trophy they have only won 2 postseason series, and the last series we played in we got swept while having the best record in baseball that year. This year it is hard to put a lot of blame on Scioscia because of our injury plagued season, but it is not hard to make the argument that he has been riding the coattails of that championship win for far too long.

On top of all the talent the Angels had that didn’t result in a postseason series win, it seems as if Scioscia does not know when to leave pitchers in or take them out. Scioscia would rather follow his gut than listen to scouting reports from the GM and that is why our last GM; Dipoto, left.

It isn’t like the Angels are giving Mike the short end of the stick, he has had 17 good years with us and when he is done it will be 20 so lets thank him for everything he has done and move on, because as of now the same ol’ thing just isn’t working.

The Mike Scioscia Era is coming to an end
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