Thank You For The Memories: The Final Halo HQ Goodbye

This message was written by the founder of Halo Headquarters: Alexander Alarcon

Over 1,000 articles, 400,000 views, 20+ writers, and thousands of memories I will never forget. Today I bring some sad news that hurts to write, but hopeful for an even better future. Halo Headquarters is officially “closing it’s doors” and will no longer be covering the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. So why is this once popular blog shutting down for good right in the middle of halo baseball? Let me explain.

I started Halo Headquarters about two years, with hopes of improving my sentence structure and grammar skills as I was ready to finish off my last two years of my undergraduate. Little did I know that writing a couple of game recaps two years ago would turn into a loved blog throughout the community. Multiple writers contacted me throughout social media in hopes of joining the team, but I simple told them it’s not a paying job and I’m doing it for fun. Surprisingly they still wanted to join the team, and Halo HQ was born. Writing 3-5 articles a week turned into 10-15 articles published on the website a week throughout multiple writers. The blog kept growing and growing as we hit over 150,000 views and over 3,000 followers on twitter.

With my past work experience with Fansided and USA Today, I knew I had the privilege of helping other young and hopeful passionate journalist to follow their dreams. Halo Headquarters turned into a stepping stone for high school and undergraduate writers looking to get experience to hopefully get their name out in the world. Our blog was featured on Bleacher Report, YardBarker, and Yahoo, the writers were finally getting their name out in the very competitive journalism career and finding jobs.

I was passionate and had the time to help each and every writer reach their goals. However sometimes the flame goes out. As this years baseball season began, multiple people offered to buy the website or take over as Senior Editor. I never thought I would leave Halo Headquarters, but it was an option I couldn’t leave unanswered. As I finished my undergraduate at Azusa Pacific University with a bachelors in Science, Applied Exercise Science doors started to open up to follow my dream career of becoming a physical therapist. I could not put in the same amount of time and effort into Halo HQ as I was two years ago, and it was not fair for the writers in my eyes.

I’m saying goodbye to Halo Headquarters. As I write this I’m still in talks with multiple people to potentially buy out the website and take over as the Senior Editor. A lot will be happening in the next months, but in the mean time, Halo HQ will be finding a new Senior Editor to take over and put the same heart I used too in the website. If a Senior Editor is not found, a do have an offer from a competitor to officially shutdown the website for good.

Alex Alarcon | Halo Headquarters

I want to say thank you to all my viewers, and support I got in this journey. I will never forget the thousands of memories I’ve had with interviewing players, meetings fans at the games or reading comments on the articles. Thank you and for the last time Light That Baby Up.

—- Alexander Alarcon (Founder and Former Senior Writer)


Thank You For The Memories: The Final Halo HQ Goodbye
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