What Is A True Fan?

If you are an Angels fan on social media like I am, you notice that several different groups have several different definitions about what it means to be a true fan. The names of the groups will remain anonymous in this article so do not get your hopes up. According to the Collins English dictionary, the definition of a fan is as follows

A person who is enthusiastic about sports.

Pretty simple definition don’t you think? That definition does not have anything to do about only thinking positive, or only thinking negative, or being a “realist” or anything. All it says is that you have to be enthusiastic about sports.

Not that you have to think the season is just rainbows and wonderful things. People should not be removed from groups just because their definition of fanship is different from other peoples. The way the Angels have been playing so far, has just been horrible. It’s a good thing we have those nice Oakland A’s keeping us out of last place.

Members of our fan base are beginning to show true colors and it is only tearing us apart. We need to realize that we are all Angels fans, and that fan division, will not only tear us apart, it will in turn cause a ripple affect that will affect the teams play on the field. If you look in any sport, when a team has a great home fan base, they actually play better.

The Seattle Seahawks is one example, you may be saying, but wait, that’s football, that is a completely different animal. It is not, because even the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals have great home presence. If we do not gain that great home attendance soon, we will be taking away the one advantage that any team in any sport should be guaranteed, and that is, the home field advantage.

What Is A True Fan?
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